Dave is like Sprite?

My family went to Southeastern Guide Dog's 30th anniversary open house a few weeks ago. We saw our friends who are wanting to be puppy raisers and while walking with them, we spotted our sweet Ellie May with her person... she went nuts. But within 5 minutes, she was back by Paul's side and ready for her working coat to be put on. I could not ask for a better person for Ellie. They work so well together!

Ellie in a sit leaning against Paul's leg

After that we moseyed over to Leslie, who is head of the Puppy Raising Services. She is also in our puppy group. While talking with Leslie, she mentioned that Dave's trainer is here and happened to be standing right next to us :) 

 Now let me share some polite puppy raiser etiquette. When you turn your dog into "college" you are not permitted to have interaction with the dog. At all. It is best for the dog that way. Trust me. The dog needs to focus on working and doing what they have been bred, born and raised to do! As well as not distracting the dog, it is impolite to distract the trainers. They are there to help you 110%. BUT, when your dog is in school, it is a good idea not to bombard them with questions, ask them about your dog, how are they doing, etc. One way I heard it put was, imagine if every puppy raiser (approximately 200 puppy raisers!) came to the trainers and asked how their dog was doing in "college". That's a lot of questions. So, it is best to just wait until reports come in. OR ask your Area Coordinator.

Being polite and biting my tongue, I introduced myself to Dave's trainer. She said "I just have to give you a hug!" I was a little shocked (I don't mind hugs, but I wasn't expecting that!) She was so excited to meet me and my family and was more then happy to give a report on Dave.  She described Dave as a little like Sprite!! She said "You know, when you take a sip, it tingles and bubbles in your mouth. That's what Dave's personality is like. Bubbly, ready to go and a pleasure to work with. I have no doubt he will do great". She reports that Dave is doing very well. He is in training to become a Veteran's Assistant Canine! We are so excited for him!

Not only did we meet Dave's trainer, but also another trainer who worked with some of my other dogs! Such a heart warming-day :)

Meagan and Dave's trainer... both have huge smiles on their faces!

Clarkie's trainer, Meagan and Dave's trainer pose for a picture

30th anniversary cake, complete with a dog in coat and harness decorations!

Thank you Southeastern Guide Dogs for understanding how hard it is to give up these sweet pups! Keep it up!