Home Depot

My family and I went to Home Depot to price privacy fencing. Dave of course tagged along.

It's not even Halloween and the Christmas decorations are out. Almost in full force. Trees, lights, garlands, lawn ornaments (yes the blow up, looks like a snow globe kind!), and even jack-in-the-box sock monkeys with Santa hats on...

The video above is of Dave watching me crank a jack-in-the-box. "jack" pops out and Dave jumps!

We priced wood fencing
(Dave sitting in front of stacked wood fence panels)

And also vinyl fencing...

(Dave sitting in front of stacked vinyl fencing)

And looked at wood because it smelled good...

(Dave decided to lay down in front of the rows and rows of plywood panels)

The paint isle is our very favorite!

(Dave sat nicely for a picture in front of all the paint samples)

We even found Dave's favorite color... Sorcerers Hat.

(I'm holding a bold blue paint sample which is in the shape of Mickey Mouse's head and the color of Dave's working coat! The guy behind the paint counter said he could could color match Dave's coat for us if we wanted :)

Tomorrow, Dave and I are going shopping for a special project. We'll be sure to do a post as soon as we're done!


Just hanging'

It's been nice just hanging around the house this weekend.

We celebrated Collin's 14th birthday (help!) Dave of course, was a huge help opening presents :)
(Dave helping Collin open his present)
Dad, Collin, Kaitlyn, Dave and I attended Southeastern Guide Dogs Walk-A-Thon kick-off party. The theme was Hawaiian and Southeastern even hired someone who sang and played a steel drum...
(Southeastern Guide Dog's sign stating when the up coming walk-a-thon is... March 3rd!)
(The sign showing where to pick up your walk-a-thon kick-of party t-shirts and dog bandannas)
(The many people, and dogs!, who showed up... the party was held under the gazebo)
(Dave and I beside the man playing the steel drum)
 The walk-a-thon kick-off party was also a great time to catch up with out of state friends... many Area Coodinators were in town for the annual AC meeting. As well as many familiar faces, we also saw Ellen Cox... she raised Eve's brother and is now raising Austin, Eve's nephew! Austin is a white lab, isn't he adorable?

(Austin sits nicely and looks up at the camera)
(Dave in front of Southeastern Guide Dog's stone)
 Dave went to his second soccer game. He loved watching the kids... and eating grass.
(Dave looks off in the distance while Collin's soccer game goes on behind Dave)
(Dave and I pose, sitting on a blanket, for a photo op :)
Dave will be turning 10 months in a little less then a week! He seems to have grown up so fast.


Bye Bent-man, hello Dave!

Something we have done while Bentley was here is hum the old "Batman" theme song... you know "nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah BATMAN!" but instead of saying "Batman", we would say "nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah BENT-MAN!"... so here, check this out, but as you listen think "Bent-man"...

Bentley accompanied us to the Library (helped me pick out pride and prejudice... oh yes!) and our first soccer game of the season!
(Bentley sitting in front of the library shelves which are half full of books)
Bentley did very well at the soccer game. He sat and watched the ball being kicked back and fourth. A couple times the ball came close and once, Bentley almost joined the game, but he settled nicely and watched from the blanket.(the team's tied 3-3... it was a tough game!) The weather was perfect... we're almost in plain donuts and apple cider weather! (I posted that for someone special... you know who you are! :)

(Meagan and Bentley sit on a blanket while watching the soccer game)

(Bentley watches the soccer game)
Today was a puppy meeting at The Big Top Flea Market. The weather was pretty near perfect while in the shade. Today was also the end of puppy camp for Bentley and Dave! Saying good bye to Bentley was a little sad. He was a sweet and happy-go-lucky guy....

(I took a picture of Dave and myself while at the flea market... I'm smiling while I hold Dave's blocky head in my lap)
But it sure is good to have my little man back :)