Just hanging'

It's been nice just hanging around the house this weekend.

We celebrated Collin's 14th birthday (help!) Dave of course, was a huge help opening presents :)
(Dave helping Collin open his present)
Dad, Collin, Kaitlyn, Dave and I attended Southeastern Guide Dogs Walk-A-Thon kick-off party. The theme was Hawaiian and Southeastern even hired someone who sang and played a steel drum...
(Southeastern Guide Dog's sign stating when the up coming walk-a-thon is... March 3rd!)
(The sign showing where to pick up your walk-a-thon kick-of party t-shirts and dog bandannas)
(The many people, and dogs!, who showed up... the party was held under the gazebo)
(Dave and I beside the man playing the steel drum)
 The walk-a-thon kick-off party was also a great time to catch up with out of state friends... many Area Coodinators were in town for the annual AC meeting. As well as many familiar faces, we also saw Ellen Cox... she raised Eve's brother and is now raising Austin, Eve's nephew! Austin is a white lab, isn't he adorable?

(Austin sits nicely and looks up at the camera)
(Dave in front of Southeastern Guide Dog's stone)
 Dave went to his second soccer game. He loved watching the kids... and eating grass.
(Dave looks off in the distance while Collin's soccer game goes on behind Dave)
(Dave and I pose, sitting on a blanket, for a photo op :)
Dave will be turning 10 months in a little less then a week! He seems to have grown up so fast.

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  1. Hi Y'all,

    Sigh...I hear y'all! The Humans have an old cliche..."time flies when your havin' fun"...it also flies when puppy raising or child raising or when you get old. You never remember the days, you remember the moments. Cherish them.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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