Dave the Guide Dog

Tonight my family and I had the privilege of speaking with Dave's forever person.

Dave is a guide dog. You know how cool that is to say?

His person just kept expressing how thankful they were to have Dave. How Dave turned their lives around and gave them the confidence they needed to succeed and continue in life.

My family and I are beyond excited Dave's person wants to keep in contact, share pictures, and chat about Dave's puppy-hood and his future.

Raising a puppy is like raising a child. All the teething, late night/early morning potty breaks, potty training, house breaking, store manners, exposures, dealing with any fears, issues or illness that may arise. Then they leave. They go off to college and you don't hear anything for months... (my goodness, are they partying or studying?!?)
Then in Dave's case we hear he is pulled from the guide dog program and in Veterans assistance, then wait, back in the guide dog program and them seemingly a few shorts weeks, matched and already gone! So crazy, such an emotional roller coaster. But oh, so exciting.

Tonight's phone call made my day. My family stayed up for a while reminiscing. Talking about funny things Dave did. Talking about how we are so proud of him.

When Dave's person reads this blog, I want you to know how proud we are of him. He is a pretty cool boy with big, exciting future ahead of him. I hope you enjoy his blog!
We know he is loved, cared for and adored by his new family. We can't wait to send our box full of his stuff to you!

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The Boyle family in Tennessee on vacation. Scarecrows and pumpkins are decorations behind them during a trip to Gatlinburg