Amazing News!

I cannot believe I haven't posted an update yet! And such a special update is needed!

We got a call from our amazing Area Coodinatoor, Sue. Sue shared that Dave is no longer in the Veterans Assistance program... but BACK IN GUIDE DOG TRAINING!

*insert screaming, laughing, tears, shock... then wait.. what? How did that happen?

From what we were told and understand... Let's just say Dave is "pudgy". His momma is pudgy and Dave takes after his sweet momma. Well, Dave lost some weight (i.e. romping with the other dogs, working) and the joints in his hips somehow developed more and when they retook his x-rays, they are now guide dog working worthy! Say what?!?!

We were a little shocked to hear this... we never heard of this happening with dogs before and asked if it had. Leave it to Dave-Man to surprise everyone and change that! Dave is the first dog for Southeastern Guide Dogs for this to have happened to. Let's just keep our fingers (and toes and eyes) crossed that everything stays the same.

I know Dave is going to to great. He's just cool like that :)