Dave in Ybor

Well, I would have posted this much sooner, but my family has been getting over the flu. Fun stuff. Through our sick time, we have found Dave makes an excellent napping buddy :)

Last Saturday, we had a meeting in Ybor. Specifically to ride the tram. But there was plenty of other things to look at and sniff! Including roosters. (for whatever reason the picture is super duper tiny... and I don't have the energy to figure out why!) There where two roosters, 6 or more hens and even some chicks... since we have six chickens of our own at home in a pen, this wasn't a new sight to Dave, but these were obviously very free-range hens. Walking wherever and on whatever they wanted. Only in Ybor!

Everyone (meaning every puppy) did fantastic on the Tram. Nobody (puppy) freaked. It was super hot outside so we were sure to keep out pups hydrated. Thankfully the Tram was cool.
Dave did great. But I must say, if he gets any bigger, he's going to have to really suck it in to fit in between the seats! :) 
This is Sarah... a puppy who was being camped for a few days. She was really sweet :)

This little chocolate guy is Bentley. We were sitting across from them in the tram and he was just too cute to pass up... hopefully when Bentley is a little older, Dave will go with Bentley's raisers and I will get Bentley for puppy camp. My first time with a chocolate... and handling a pup with the same name as my sweet Eve's brother!

After the Tram, we went into an arcade. Dave wasn't fazed a bit. I think it comes from having two younger siblings who play all sorts of crazy sounding games on the wii.
We then went to "fresh mouth" for lunch. Pretty good sandwiches... and very guide dog puppy friendly.
This coming week Dave will be staying with the Mihulkas.... Joey's raisers. If they can handle "Big Joe" then they can certainly handle my "Dave-Man". Take good care of my boy! :)


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