Soccer season is almost here!

My family are soccer fans. (yes, we were disappointed with the women's world cup game. No, we don't need to discuss it :) Specifically my brother, dad and myself.

My brother plays for a local organization called AYSO. My dad coaches my brother's team, I ref the 4-6 year olds, mom is the registrar and my sister is the lawn chair holder-downer. :)

I have brought my pups with me to almost every single game... since pup #1. People get upset if I "didn't bring the puppy". Returning players always ask about my "last puppy", wondering what ever came about with their fabulous careers. Many people were surprised to find out I'm raising a boy this time around! And many love his name.

I've found a wonderful way to introduce my pups to the new soccer players (since I'm busy reffing on soccer days) is I bring Dave with me to help me pass out uniforms on registration day. That way when soccer starts, everyone knows that Dave is working and cannot be played with.

Dave did really well today! I'm so proud on my little man :)

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