Went to the beach today.
Dave seemed to really enjoy it!
 The "dog beach" as we call it, has recently been renovated. Bathrooms put in, a volleyball court put up, more parking (finally), and the walk down to the beach was slowly corroding so they have brought in large rocks to rebuild the "wall". They have also made nicer pathways to get down to the water, more dog "busy" bins (now you people who claim not to have busy bags, so cannot possibly pick up their dogs busy, have. no. excuses. thankyouverymuch.)
When we arrived, we walked the main path down to the beach. Only to find out that the tide was in and there was no beach!
So to let Dave watch Collin wade in the water, I had Dave sit...
 Then we went to a separate area (mainly used for fishing purposes) so Dave could swim.
And guess what the little stinker did? First thing, he walked into the water and peed.
So all Dave wanted to get wet was his feet.
 No matter the coaxing, toy throwing, (Collin had to go out and retrieve Dave's toy :) or "good-boy" calling, he was not about to swim. But that water was pretty warm, so I don't blame him. Oh well. Maybe next time. Dave really seemed to enjoy the sand though.
Dave wanted to be right beside Collin. Collin brought his "slingshot" and was searching for rocks.
We came home after an hour or so at the beach and sand-covered Dave went right onto the deck to get a bath. After a good rub down with warm clean towels, Dave then proceeded to climb into his crate with his warm, fuzzy blankets and sleep almost 4 hours straight. Mmmm... that's my boy!

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  1. Tell Dave not to worry, he got more in the water than Colt or Ely ever did:) They both were like those birds who run along the water line, but run back when the water comes up. I think most of my pups have added to the ocean as well ;) Great pictures, I love the one of him sitting on the stairs!


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