So maybe it'll happen on Tuesdays...

This past week kept Dave on his toes! 
Dave met my massage therapist... who was also a sponsor for this years walk-a-thon! 
After my massage appointment, mom, Collin, Kaitlyn and I all went shopping around town for bedding for my room... Dave did so great! He walked through Goodwill (during my massage), Bed, Bath and Beyond, JCpenny, AND a feed store. No accidents, and lots of attention! Dave helped me decide on what kind of bedding I wanted... this green is pretty, but not quite what I'm looking for...
Dave went on his first elevator ride in JCpennys... He rode like a pro! 
Collin and Kaitlyn held onto super sleepy, not wanting to walk another step, Dave, while mom and I looked around at bedding in JCpennys... apparently, Kaitlyn is done shopping too.
 After shopping in Brandon, and successfully finding what I was looking for, we headed home. Well, kind of. We just couldn't resist the sign in front of the feed store that said "Chicks and Bunnies for sale". So we stopped in to see them... yes, we are getting chicks in the near future for their eggs.
Dave went to the Booses house for the weekend so I could paint my room without worrying about a black dog getting into my white paint. It made it so much easier having Dave away for a sleepover!
From what the Booses told me, Dave did great and was a big hit at church on Sunday. That's my boy!
Here is a small sneak peak of the finished product after 3 days of straight painting and some new bedding...
Dave went to the vet this morning and he weighs 33.7 pounds! He has gained 14.3 pounds since he came to live with me... that's just over a month people! He has long lanky legs, but a cute stocky build. He looks so much like his mom, Meg. I really hope he continues to look like sweet Meg!
And our Area Coordinator reminded me that soon I will have to send in Dave's 4 month Eval... he's just growing up way too fast!

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  1. Have you been feeding that boy fertilizer?!?! He is huge! It sounds like Mr. Dave is doing an awesome! You have some fabulous co-raisers!


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