Update for April!

So, forget the week update on Sundays.. this week it will be a Tuesday update. The reason being - you'll find out on Thursdays post.

Monday- It rained. All day long. So Dave, Collin, and Kaitlyn all entertained each other inside. Dave LOVES C and K. He is happy to see me, but when C or K comes in the room, he is so happy, he can't seem to contain himself.

Tuesday- Dave went to the vet to get his next round of shots. Dave weighed 28.8 pounds (he gained 9 pounds in three weeks... boyhowdie!) and seemed to remember the vet and vet assistants just as well as they remembered "their Dave-Man"! He did great. Even when other dogs came around, Dave sat right beside me and just watched them.
After the vet, Dave and I went to the Library. The Librarians absolutely LOVE my dogs that come in. The front, check-out desk is right across from the entrance so the librarians checking-out people books, all scramble to see how Dave does with his sit by the door before Dave and I enter. Every time they say "Hey, he's getting better, and bigger!!"

Wednesday- I had a massage session, so Dave stayed home to play with C and K. As I recall he played for a long time, and crashed right before I got home. So as soon as I walk through the door, it's playtime again!

Thursday- We lost power at 11:30 due to the hurricane storm that came through. I say "hurricane" because it sure seemed like it, but it didn't last as long. It was pouring, lightening, thundering and the wind was whipping at 50+ miles an hour. It was pretty bad. (our neighbors green house tipped over and our recycle bins flew/floated almost a block away) So we stayed in the dark house, only braving the storm to shove Dave out the back door to do his business, and dash inside to dry off.
Everyone gathered by the front door to watch the rain flood the streets

Dad was late getting home from work because of the storm, (and we still did not have power) so we had him pick up take-out for dinner.
We happily ate by candle light and got ready for bed early. Oh, and took all of our freezer food over to a friends house who had power.

Friday- April fools day! (I got someone and someone got me with an April fools joke!)
Dad had taken the day off so we could paint, work on the (now overflowing) pool, do some yard work, but due to the weather, and not having power (STILL!) we stayed inside... again. We played dice, went to our friends house to do some laundry, played more dice and was invited by some friends, to their house for dinner.
I really wanted to take Dave outside to play in the rain, but it was lightening and thundering pretty bad, so we opted not too. I like my puppy "un-fried".
We heard the TECO trucks working and cutting down trees, but about 5:00pm, with no success of turning our power back on, they left for the night. *Que angry eyes*

Saturday- 8:25am I woke to the sound of the fish tanks filter churning, and felt cool air blowing on my skin. Yes. Power. Yay for electricity. Boy the things we take for granted!
 I took a nice WARM shower, and got Dave ready for his first night away from mom! He was going to church the next morning with some puppy raisers in our group.
11:00 Dave and I met the Whiteheads at a local bowling alley to swap dogs. I got Randy, a 7 month old Goldadore and they happily snatched grabbed Dave's leash and eagerly walked him towards their car... *sniff*

Randy did great with me! He walks SO well on a leash. People in Winndixie were shocked thinking Randy, the large and lanky, 70 pound puppy I was walking was actually Dave! (Even our puppy group had to think twice before asking if Randy was Dave! hee hee hee :) I explained that Dave was gone with Randy's parents for the night. Winndixie employees were happy to know that Dave was still small :)

Sunday- Our puppy group had their first meeting for the month of April. We met at the Manatee Viewing Center. Randy was SO happy to see his parents... Dave could have cared less to see me... he seemed to say "are you serious mom, you wants hugs and kisses, but there's my kinda dogs here!".
Dave did great on everything. The concrete was pretty hot for my bare feet, so knowing Dave's puppy feet were going to be sensitive, we only walked a short way down the tidal trail. Dave was already worn out from sleeping in church earlier, :) so we mostly talked to other puppy raisers.

Dave is a happy, go lucky, sassy, stubborn, toe licking, sweet sleeping, log sawing, cuddly, food LOVING, eager to please puppy that everyone loves! I can't wait to see how he progresses in his training and can't wait to see just how big he'll get!

"Did someone say 'Are you hungry'?"

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