Dave comes home today!

Dave has been gone since Sunday. He has been "training" new puppy raisers :)

The protocol for new puppy raisers is before they get their own puppy to raise, they have to watch another SEGDI puppy so they can get a feel for what it's like. Since Dave is the youngest pup in our group, I offered to let them watch him. They jumped at the chance!

I've really missed my little man. It's SO quiet around here without him! I think the only good things about him being gone is, I put the crate away (more room in my room!) and we are able to be away longer without having to come home and let him outside to busy. Like Monday, we went to Venice beach... and stayed for 5 hours... it was really nice.

I talked with Dave's sitters at the beginning of the week and they told me Dave already went to the Dentist, Cherry's Restaurant and was invited to come to the local VFW. That's my man!

I pick him up at 3 o'clock today.... that time can't come sooner!


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