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ouch, it's been weeks since I've posted anything...sorry! Between appointments, running errands, phone calls galore, planning our up-coming vacation, keeping up with vigorous exercising (for Dave and myself), somehow losing time during the day (and days in the week), blogging has been pushed into the back of my mind. Congrats to those who have been able to blog and finish their finals... I don't know how you do it :)

Dave now weighs 44.3 pounds... This little-man is going to be huge! He is officially up-to-date on his shots with two ID tags to show for it. 

Dave has lost all of his front teeth, which have been replaced with much larger, white teeth. (he looks like a buck-tooth dog... his teeth are too big for his face LOL) And he's also lost 2 back teeth. We normally find out he's loosing a back tooth when we scold him for chewing something, yet again, and come to find out it's a baby tooth!
Dave is all about his buddy Evan. Every morning, Evan walks up to Dave and lets Dave give him a huge kiss. Right on the mouth. They play all sorts of games together... in which I don't know the rules. (other then no biting, jumping, sitting, stepping or laying on each other)
Dave turned 4 months on the 22nd. I had typed out a big "happy four months" post, and was heading out to get some up-dated pictures of Dave-man and I got sidetracked... by what you ask? i don't remember. Probably someone needing help with making lunch or mom needing us to run out and get ice.
Dave proves to be a very brave boy. In the picture above, Dave is watching my dad cut some wood with a Miter Saw. You know that shrieking sound the saw makes once it starts cutting into the wood? I cover my ears at that, but Dave went on sniffing around the porch like nothing was happening. Good boy.

Dave loves nap-time. Just like his mommy :)
Our group had a meeting at the Ellenton Outlet Mall. This was our last chance to say goodbye to the 3/5 of the fabulous five (not to mention the only females in our group). Isolde, Flora and Gato, you will be missed... But we know your having a good time in college :)
 I was able to set a play-day for Dave to go see Kathy Kelly (Dave's namesakes wife) and Dave's "Aunt Jenny". Dave had a great time playing and wrestling with Jenny. They wore each other out!
Both Kathy Kelly and I agree that Dave looks so much like his mom, Meg. Which makes me, very. happy. :)

So let me share this picture....
What do you think happened? Check out our families blog to find out :)

Meagan and Dave

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