this weekend

friday afternoon, Dave came home from "puppy camp". he was with some new (and now approved!!) puppy raisers. he had a good time and they seemed to really enjoy having dave.

friday evening, Dave went to his first childrens play. Joshua Generation was having their "showcase" and showing off their many talents such as singing, dancing and instrument playing. Dave wasn't a fan of all the clapping the audience was doing, but after a while seemed to accept it more. i guess we just need to go to more plays! thanks for inviting us to your play Douglas family... dave really enjoyed it!
Dave and his biggest fans... they were dressed as orphans for their last skit... James changed before i could grab him for a picture though!
saturday morning, Dave was the chaperon for myself and two other girls to the movie theater to see Pirates of the Caribbean #4. unfortunately, my camera battery was dead and my phone takes terrible pictures... so you'll just have to believe me that we went... although my proof can be that we had two very excited girls that were going  to "go to the movies without an parent" :)

sunday is Dave's 5 month birthday! five months seems way too old for my "little man"!! so as always, in honor of Dave's 5 months, 5 things about Dave...
#1 Dave is so sassy! he has started this new thing, when he picks up something and starts chewing, he'll back away from me so i can't shake whatever it is out of his mouth... back to wearing the "humble leash" little man.
#2 Dave has lost all of his baby teeth... finally! the poor guy was having trouble eating his food with all his teeth falling out and new ones coming in. he is now the proud owner of shiny white adult teeth.
#3 Dave is excellent about figuring things out... like how to get out from under the table once he's stuck.
#4 Dave slept out of his crate, and without a tie-down for the first time last night! he started out in my bathroom, then sometime during the night climbed into his crate and cuddled with his blankets. i woke up about 3am so I quietly closed the crate door ad he slept until 8am! that's my man!
#5 Dave mastered the "switch" command while away at puppy camp. he's getting too big to not switch anymore... we also have to use the handicapped bathroom stall. Dave's just so big!


  1. He is such a good boy. You are awfully brave to let him sleep without the crate. I still shut HRH in at night. Perhaps I should let her try a night out.....

  2. Happy 5 month birthday Dave!!! He is looking so old! Watch out, he sounds as smart as Joe! I bet you are glad that all of his puppy teeth are out as well:)


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