6 months old... say what?!?!?!?


I cannot believe Dave is already 6 months old. I was shocked when our AC emailed me and said I needed to fill out Dave's six month evals. Wasn't it just yesterday I picked up this sweet bundle of joy?
I mean come on! How can this tiny little guy...
Have already gained enough weight for the scale to say 65 pounds, wear a choker collar, and be learning some of the "big dog" commands?!?!?!?
I don't know.

Six things about Dave...

Dave is such a handsome guy. Since I don't have a "special someone" in my life yet, I like to call him "my man".

Dave likes to help with laundry. He really likes it when we bring all the dirty clothes out to sort them in their correct color piles. Dave prefers to sniff, dig around and lay on the whites and lights... lots of socks, wash clothes and yes, even underwear.

Dave's current favorite commands are "Forward", "In", "Take-a-Break", "Switch" and "Heel". Switch is his most favorite though. Thanks to his first "long-time-away-from-mommy" sitters, he has "Switch" mastered!

Dave's nicknames would be "Dave-Man" (thanks to the vet :), "Booboo", and "Little Man". He is "David" or "David Kelly" when he is in trouble... :)

Dave has learned what the word "carrot" means. Dave LOVES to roll the carrot around the house, find the perfect spot to shred it and then eat the tiny shredded pieces.

Dave is probably the best dog I've raised that will conform to any schedule. Most mornings, now that I'm working a part-time job, I get up around 6 and he is ready to go. Other mornings, (like on the weekends) I won't get up until 8 or 9. (what else are weekends for but sleeping in!?!?)

Happy six months Dave-man.

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