Dave's busy Saturday

Dave has had a few really busy, outing packed days lately. But today I remembered to charge and bring my camera :)
Saturday started out by getting up and heading into Brandon. Our car needed new tires and the bumper checked out... ehem. We won't go into why the bumper needed to be looked at, just know it was an accident and I wasn't behind the wheel :) All is well now and the evidence that the bumper was slightly damaged is now gone.

We were told the car's appointment could take anywhere from 45 minutes - 2 hours. Thankfully, the auto shop we took the car to is in the middle of some strip malls and restaurants. So we dropped the car off and walked around.
I couldn't have asked for a more well behaved, almost 6 month old puppy! Dave walked across a crazy busy six-lane highway and acted totally calm and collected. No fear of traffic here!
We walked across the street and went into Office Depot to look around.
Sharpie: Write out dog? Or Write out Dave?
We then we out to busy (Dave made good friends with a squirrel) and went into Dollar General to grab some cold water. Then we walked around to a Badcock Furniture store (the store options weren't all that great, but it was something to do while we waited).
We then went over to McDonalds (McChoke) to get a Mocha Frappe (ever had those things? talk about am-az-ing!). After our snack, we decided to head back to the car shop to see if our car was done. Walking back, we noticed it had new tires and the bumper was *ehem* decent. Dave laid on the floor of the waiting room and crashed for the remaining 30 minutes it took for them to align the car. The auto techs remarked at how Dave was better behaved then some of their customers!
Once our car was finished, and after we dropped Kaitlyn off for a play date with friends, mom, Dave and I headed to Kohls. Dave is such a goof. Some dogs will lay down and not move when they are done shopping. Others go crazy. Dave prefers to go crazy and then once in the car, lay down and not move :)
We got home and mom and I thought Dave deserved a treat for being such a good boy all day long. So he had his first carrot.
Good boy Dave-man.

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