Puppy Meeting, STRAZ Style....

Today our puppy group went to the STRAZ center for preforming arts in Tampa. Talk about a boat-load of exposures. We did not have the privilege of seeing a performance, but almost even better, we got to walk all over the largest theater at the STRAZ center. One of the puppy raisers in our group works at the STRAZ center, so he gave us a lot of neat info!
We went on an elevator, tons and tons and TONS of stairs, we went inside the theater to sit in the seats and do a "down-under", we went on the actual stage to walk up to the edge to see the dogs reactions, we went inside a dressing room, walked the back-stage halls and then went up MORE stairs to go up into the very top of the theaters seats. I have no problem saying I'm afraid of heights, but there would be no way in the world I could sit and watch a play at that height. Seeing it once was great, good exposure. Unfortunately, the pictures I took inside of the theater are pretty dark, so I've lightened them up a bit... which means in order for you to see the true beauty of the theater, you'll just have to visit it in person! But at least you get to see some of what we saw.

Before we went inside the theater, we walked around by the water...
Then we went inside to try out some theater seats...
^Dave really would have liked to taste that jelly-bean, but he never did try to eat it^      

^On the stage with Dave's glowing eyes.... he looks like something out of a Star Trek movie...^
^In the dressing room^ 

^The height.... ekkk^
^Made me^
^Feel kinda^

Then we went outside to discuss our agenda and say goodbye to everyone...
^Dave told me he wants to see Annie one day... I asked him why and he said because of the dog!^

Thanks Sue Croley and Lorrin Shepard for working this meeting out... it was great!

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