Dave's Birthday

Dave turned one on December 22nd. Although poor guy, we didn't celebrate it until a week or so later. Dave and I took advantage of Christmas sales at Petsmart and bought some sweet toys... Dave got to pick them out :)
Dave in front of Petsmart large selection of toys

Out of all the bones, rope toys and rubber kongs, Dave picked out a no-stuffing raccoon and a Tennis Kong Toy.

For Dave's party, Dave wore a party hat, had a puppy gift bag, and vanilla ice cream cake
Even Sadie wore a party hat!

Dave loved his ice cream... unlike most people er, dogs, Dave prefers his cake before his presents.
Dave was a good boy and let Sadie have some...

Until pig Sadie decided to take it all.
Kaitlyn and Meagan decided to have some fun with the party hats. We put five hats on Dave so it made a star around his head...

Dave makes a cute star...
NOW time for presents!

Loving his presents...


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