What's December without Christmas Eve?

Anyone who listens to Owl City will appreciate the title of this post :o)

December, for most, is usually busy. Every year, my family decides "We are going to finish our shopping EARLY". But for some reason, we are still out running around on Christmas Eve.

I regret to say, Dave never had a chance to meet Santa. I took him to the mall, to walmart, all around town, even down south and we could not seem to find a Santa that didn't have an hour long wait in front of him. Dave was able to sniff many statues of Santa, snowman, and even a manger scene. Close enough.

As tradition, our family goes caroling to friends and family in the area. We were even able to surprise Ellie's sponsors!
The Boyle family and Dave on the front porch of Bob and Sue's house... Dave is wearing a Santa hat!
I don't know how many places we went to shopping for just the right gift... but the Red Barn Flea Market was the hot spot for a green laser pointer my dad was wanting...

Dave and Meagan in the isle of the flea market
As with all of our guide dog puppies, Dave had a stocking. I found it at Target and with fabric paint wrote Dave's name and the year on it... it turned out pretty cute!

Dave laying on the floor with his stocking under his paw.
 I don't know what it is with our silly Dave-man, he LOVES soft things... blankets, socks, towels, even the occasional stuffed animal he will snitch from Kaitlyn's room. Dave wanted to carry around his stocking instead of looking through it.
Dave carrying his stocking around... never mind what's in it!
Sadie wanted in on the stocking too.
Dave was pretty smart once he realized there was toys inside his soft sock. He grabbed the toys, set them, down and came back for more.
  And of course, we have to get a picture of the puppies in the left over wrapping paper!

We hope you and your family (humans or animals!) had a Merry Christmas!

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