I tried guys, really I did

Many puppy raisers like to "try" and sneak out of taking their dog back for canine college. It's never worked. We like to say we're going to Belize, Argentina, on a cruise, etc. 

Well my family tried a totally different approach. I emailed my Area Coordinator and said... 

"Hi Sue,

   I wanted to share with you, Kaitlyn, mom, dad and now myself all have a touch of some strange stomach bug. It started Sunday evening. We called our doctor today because we don't seem to be getting any better. He said it sounds a lot like Canus Seperatus. He said he has seen this before. And it can be highly contagious. We are under quarantine for the next 12 days. And he advised nobody come within 100 feet of the house.

Please inform the school that we will be unable to bring Dave on Saturday.

We'll have to reschedule his IFT, sorry for any inconvenience.

    Meagan and family"

And her response to me was...

So sorry to hear about the terrible outbreak of the dreaded Canus Seperatus in your family.  Fortunately  I have good news for you.  As part of my AC training I have been trained to deal with this virus. Southeastern has issued special medical equipment (see attached photo) to allow AC's to conduct a safe extraction of an IFT dog from a family suffering from Canus Seperatus. Please have Dave ready for pickup by my quarantine team at 7:30 am Saturday.
Fortunately for your family there is an immediate treatment available.  The treatment is called Neupuppous and is safe for the entire family.  The treatment comes in yellow, black, chocolate, or golden.  You choose.
Your dedicated Area Coordinator,
Sue, decked out in a shower cap, goggles and a breathing mask

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