Cracker Country

(Dave and I stand under the Cracker Country sign)

Saturday my family took advantage of the free admission passes to Cracker Country. Once a year certain museums will open their doors free to anyone who has printed passes from a website. One year we went to the Ringling Brothers Museum of Art. So we decided this would be a great outing for Bentley.
(Bentley looking through a wood fence at the Cracker Horses)
Cracker country is a walk-through museum that consists of houses the first Florida settlers built (around the 1900's). Many of them are one-room and all of the buildings are made of the original structures. There was a church, dry goods store, school house, post office, printing company, a professional cracker and many others. And many stairs. Which Bentley did very well at sitting at the base and top of the stairs every time, but towards the end, he was DONE! It was a very hot day, but thankfully most of the walk was shaded by large oak trees.
(Bentley and I sitting in front of a large replica of train tracks that ran through FL)
(Bentley laying in front of an empty furnace... much too hot out for it to be running!)
(Bentley and I standing at the top of stairs which are beside a caboose)
(Bentley looking through another fence at very noisy geese)
(the geese were not impressed to have Bentley sticking his nose through their fence... they kept hissing at him!)
 Bentley was quite worn out by the end of the day. Finally :)
(Bentley sleeping in the car)

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