Nine months, no way!

I know I haven't been good about keeping up with Dave's monthly birthdays, but consider yourselves lucky your getting one today :)

1. Dave l-o-v-e-s kids. His most favorite are ones with yummy crumbs left over from lunch on their faces.
(Dave lays on the beach with his very long tongue hanging out)

2. One of Dave's favorite outings is going to the massage therapist. He knows exactly where he is supposed to lay down and he knows to be still and quiet. For a whole hour!
(Dave standing in the yard)

3. Dave really enjoys napping in his crate or on his bed. He doesn't really twist his body in goofy ways some dogs will sleep, he likes to sleep on his tummy or his side like his mommy :)
(Dave asleep in his bed)
4. Dave likes to come and watch me paint my nails. Every time he has to sniff the nail polish remover and do a butt-run.
(Dave comes running towards the camera while during a romp in the yard with Sadie)

5. In the mornings, mom feeds her large fancy goldfish. Mom will call Dave and say "Let's feed the fish". Dave come running, sniff the fish food to make sure it's still good, then mom will sprinkle some food in the water. Dave will watch them eat and when they're done, he goes back to his business.
(Dave sits in the sun outside)

6. When I give Sadie and Dave a bath, I bring in all the wet towels, and throw them in the wash along with Dave's blankets and Sadie's bedding. Dave will sulk the whole time they are out of his sight. As soon as they come out of the dryer, all nice and warm, he carries the around struttin' his stuff :)
(Dave laying on his bed again...this time he has his blankets!)

7. Dave is by far, Sadie's favorite puppy we have raised. In the beginning, we told SEGDI we could not raise a male dog because Sadie did not like male dogs. But when the opportunity was given to us to raise Dave, we couldn't say no! Ever since our Dave-man, Sadie has changed her opinion on male cooties.
(Sadie stands in the kiddie pool that has 3 inches of water and Dave sniffs her belly while standing half in and half  outside the pool)
8. Dave is always so happy to see me when I come home for lunch. Mom told me while I'm gone, Dave will lay by the door and sulk. At least until someone says "Do you wanna carrot?"
(Dave looks at the chickens through the fence. We have 1 rooster and 5 hens.)
9. Dave thinks it's about time fall come around! He's ready for long walks in cool weather and no mosquitoes for our walks through the park!
(Dave sits in the kiddie pool... we finally got him to play in it instead of outside it!)

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