Life of the Party

October 20th, our puppy group had a guide dog meeting at a local fire station. Of course, as soon as we got there, the trucks (and fire men who said they would be in full gear just for us!) had to leave for an emergency. But the dogs all got to sit and watch the trucks leave with their sirens going, and lights flashing. Pretty impressive to us humans, but I think the dogs could have cared less.
(Sue, our AC handled Dave for me at this meeting. In this picture, Sue and Dave are watching the fire engines roll out)
(Fire engines are starting to turn on their sirens and Dave is looking the other way... completely ignoring them!)
(Dave, Sue and Heike with puppy Tango watch as the trucks leave)
After a tour of the station and talking to the Captain (of 25 years!) of the fire station, we had a small meeting and obedience session out the back.
(Bob, Bob and Dave come inside from where the fire trucks park :)
(Alice and short-haired Collie, Garrison, walk through the hallway)

For the first time everyone got to meet the new babies of our puppy group...

Meet Tango
(Tango, a white golden retriever sits nicely and looks at the camera)
and Jerry
(Jerry a chocolate lab, sits and looks at the camera with a big smile!)

Very handsome little guys.

This meeting also marked the start of puppy camp for Dave and Bentley! Leslie, who is raising Bentley (an 8 month old chocolate lab), switched dogs with me. It was a little hard to say goodbye to Dave... it will be almost 2 whole weeks without him! But I know he'll do good and enjoy going to work with Leslie everyday!
(Dave sits on the beach with his long tongue hanging out)

Bentley is the life of the party around here... Dave is very relaxed and calm (most of the time), but around the dinner table today we were teasing, "If we put just Bentley in a box, he'd still find something to get into or play with!" :) He helps me clean up my room in the morning... bringing me my stray socks and even making sure there is no extra dog toys hiding under my bed. He's such a sweet little guy! He has really fallen in love with my sister, Kaitlyn.
Bentley is definitely a pleaser pup. My dad and I went on an night walk and Bentley did great! We walked about a mile and not once did he flinch at dogs barking or cars passing by.
(Bentley lays down and smiles at the camera with a rubber, heart-shaped toy between his paws)

Can't wait to take him shopping! :)


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