TIA meeting

September 11th, our puppy group went to the Tampa International Airport for one of our meetings. It was a wonderful meeting, full of exposures, new sights and sounds.We rode the shuttle bus, the monorail, went on many elevator rides and walked around the stores.

(Dave and I waiting by the elevators)
(Dave and I in the elevator)
 With going to the Airport on 9/11, you could sense the security was a bit higher. I have been to the airport several times and I've never seen as many police and military people before. Dave saw a working police dog. Dave stopped and stared at him... not in a "I wanna play" way, but almost as a sign of respect.
(Dave takes a busy break at one of the few grassy areas at TIA)
(Dave, Bentley and Randy look on as Dave the person, wheel Sue our AC, around in a wheelchair)
Karl Whitehead stole walked Dave around for a while. Dave, once again, was fascinated with all the escalators so I went up the escalator and came down stairs while Dave watched on the ground. Dave looked every bit jealous :)
(Dave watches me come down the a flight of stairs with a super-fast-wagging-tail)
We then rode on the monorail. That was fun. And bumpy. Once I pried Karl's hands off of Dave's leash got Dave back, we went to the baggage claim area. Dave was so funny in the baggage claim. Dave smelled every single bag that went by him... Bob teased us and said "watch Dave find drugs or something" :) The conversation even went into "watch everyone start snatching up their bags hoping the dog won't sniff and alert someone". Then Dave tried to jump up on the belt... such a nut.

(Our group chatting by the baggage claim)
Speaking of Karl, Karl and Sharon Whitehead have raised Randy from 9 weeks old and the TIA meeting was Randy's last puppy meeting! Randy is going IFT (in for training) on Saturday. The Whiteheads also raised a female dog whose name is Jeannie. Jeannie is now an ambassador dog, traveling the country with her person to further promote SEGDI!
While cleaning up my computer of it's literally thousands of pictures, I came across these two pictures the Whiteheads took of Dave when he was a puppy. Randy was a little jealous that his mommy was lovin' on another puppy :)
(Sharon holds Dave on her lap while Randy sniffs Dave's belly)
(Sharon holds Dave while Randy lays by Sharon's feet)
 Make us proud Randy! Study hard in college!

Next meeting, a fire station. Complete with a tour, up close fire truck sniffing and a fireman in his full fire-fighting gear...


  1. Oh what i missed that meeting. I'm already looking forward to you all at the Fire-Station. Meagan, mybe we can meet for a puppy-play day.

  2. Looks like great fun! I took my first pup to the airport! It was a great experience for him! Lots of sights and sounds that you don't get anywhere else :)


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