One week and still going!

So Dave has been with us for just over a week now. He is a great little puppy. Great manners, other then the occasional swipe of a slipper that was left in his reach. (He loves those things) Dave eats great, sleeps great and he's handsome to boot.

So a few things about Dave:

Dave is great about going outside to go busy (just today he went to the door, sat down and whined to go out... that, dear blog readers, is fist-pump and whoop whoop worthy!)

I think Dave is finally coming to understand that the crate is his friend. He used to fight to be put in after a perfect sit, but just today he went in all by himself! (Today was a day of firsts people!)

Dave loves my blow dryer. I use it every morning and he comes running to get blow dried himself. Happily snapping at the warm air while he ears get whipped around.

Dave is going to be one un-happy pup when we start taking away his mid-meal. When he hears the food being poured into his metal bowl he comes running to the food door! He then follows, no prances, no BOUNDS next to us and sits and even stays until "take-a-break" is said then you'd better keep your fingers back... he's eating so fast, he'll eat your fingers right along with his food.

Dave has been dubbed "Dave-Man" by the vets office. Every one there calls him "Dave-Man" even the vet himself!

So far, Dave is not afraid of anything. Anything being, dishes falling to the ground, bands playing, kids screaming, alarms going off, flags flapping, babies crying, exercise balls bouncing, people in sunglasses, boots, large purses hanging off shoulders, kids squealing with joy about the "little puppy", cars, trucks, semi's, you name, it he's a pro.

Dave is a little bundle of black fur that everyone enjoys seeing in the store. That "quick" trip to Publix (we heart Publix!!) to grab hot-dog buns and ice, turns into an hour. And it's not because Dave is walking slow, ooooooh no. People. People love dogs, dogs love people. That combination is worthy of an hour long trip to the store. :)

 And how can anybody not love that face?

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