Strawberries, Fun Fest, New Crate-- Oh My!

Sun City Center is home to retired, kick back and relax people over the age of 55. Almost everyone owns a golf cart (actually, I would be surprised to find someone who doesn't!) and a few activities the residents enjoy are lawn bowling, golfing, swimming, art classes, and shopping!

Sun City hosts an annual Fun Fest where the residents display their art-work, pottery, show off their dancing and singing talents (ehem), show wood-work, look at the latest golf carts for sale, listen to a live band and singer, and eat, eat, eat!

Our puppy group sells strawberry shortcake at the Fun Fest to raise money for Southeastern. Bob Evans in Sun City donates yummy biscuits and whipped cream (the real stuff people!!) for the shortcake... so all we have to do is process the strawberries. 20+ flats of strawberries. People, that's a-lot of strawberries. So to keep the saying "many hands make light work" true, our group gets together to process allllll the strawberries the day before the Fun Fest.

We had a whole assembly line. Several people would slice the tops off. Then someone would wash them, then a couple people would be the processors. The mushed strawberries, which were in 5 gallon buckets, where then mixed with sugar and a secret ingredient and put back into the fridge for the next day!
Everyone there couldn't help but remember just last year, Dave Kelly was with us. Mr. Kelly was in charge of processing the strawberries... everyone remembered how much racket Mr. Kelly made, yelling at the machine when it stopped workin and hooting and hollering when strawberries went flying... so much fun!
Dave the puppy slept almost the entire time...
Until people had to come say their first ever hello's to our new baby...

Why I didn't get a picture of the finished product (strawberry shortcake) before it went joyfully into my stomach the next day, I have no idea...

The next day (Saturday) was the much anticipated Fun Fest. Some puppy raisers went to work in the strawberry booth, while some of us worked the SEGDI booth, promoting Southeastern and drawing crowds with our cute pups.
 A trainer from SEGDI came to do some obedience with our pups. Quite a few spectators stopped to watch.
Trainer Jen was great and Dave did awesome at obedience! After obedience, the spectators had quite a few questions, all of us were happy to answer! (Thanks Belinda for taking pictures!)
The one year old pups got to try on the harness for the first time... Joey did great!
Big Joey has a blog as well. Check it out HERE

Dave got tons of lovin' on Saturday.
We had a very special visitor come to meet Dave. It was Kathy Kelly! Dave Kelly's wife. 
She loved on Dave as best she could... Dave was a little dog distracted after taking his nap. I promised Kathy Kelly, I will bring Dave to visit. 
Dave was so worn out he fell asleep in his water bowl!
Then.... the strawberry booth.
There was a lot of hard work going on! We did really well. Selling almost all the strawberries! After the day was through, and everyone worked so hard, we celebrated by eating/squirting whipped cream!
It was such a great day. This Fun Fest was the biggest one yet!
That night was Dave's last night to sleep in his little crate... the next day, Bob brought over a large crate! Dave looks so tiny in it!

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  1. He's a love bug. What a fun fundraiser to do together! 8-)


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