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My wonderful mom shared an idea she thought of for Dave's blog. Every weekend I'll try to recap of what we did the past week and share pictures... these posts will be on the weekends, in addition to whatever I post during the week.

So here goes!

Monday, March 21
Monday started "National Surveyors Week" for us since my dad is the county surveyor. So every evening after he came home from work, we had a surprise for him... Monday's surprise was mom, Collin, Kaitlyn and I cleaned our the garage and put all his tools in the shed... so now dad has a man cave.
I also gave Dave his first bath! *Which now I'm looking for the stinkin' pictures and am realizing I must have deleted them... GRRR!*

Dave then took a nice long nap while Collin, Kaitlyn and I went swimming in a near-by pool.
Dave also lost his first tooth... sometime. We're not sure when. Probably one of those times I was digging my finger around his little mouth thinking he chewing a leaf, stick, stray q-tip, ect, saying for the gozbillionth "will you quite eating stuff little man!", but he was actually chewing that lone tooth. Oops.

Tuesday, March 22
Dave turned 3 months old! Dave is not a happy camper because we have to gradually cut out his mid-day meal. He loves his food!
Dad's second surprise for "NSW" was a mango tree. We had one a few years ago, but the bad freeze we had last year killed it. 
Wednesday, March 23
Since Collin and Kaitlyn are my co-raisers, they take care of Dave at home, when I go to massage appointments. Bringing a 3 month old pup and expecting him to remain in a down-stay for a hour (let alone not chew the leg of the bed, have a "pee or poop-saster", or even distract the massage therapist, yes that would happen -ehem-) is way too much to ask of little Dave just yet. So Dave puts on his sad eyes when I leave without him, and then turns around to play with my siblings. When I come home, Dave happily bounds toward me and gives the best licks and kisses.
Dad's third surprise was eating dinner out and a night away with mom. Dave had fun helping me and my sibs play the wii, watch movies and stay up super late!

Thursday, March 24
Thursday, a close friend of ours, asked my dad and I to help volunteer at a Chris Tomlin/Louie Giglio Concert. It was a no-brainer to say yes, considering when we help, we get to see the concert free! I really wanted to take sweet Dave, but we didn't know where we would be helping. We could be selling merchandise, running errands for the staff or band, helping the radio station (the JoyFM boo-yah!), handing out flyers, taking tickets, etc! We ended up taking pictures of the people waiting in line, for the JoyFM's Facebook page.
Dad and I with Bill... one of the JoyFM's radio hosts... I was looking for Dave (another radio host) to get a picture with him, but he was super busy talking with people :( Sad day.
It would have been a great exposure for Dave, but with him being so little, we thought it best to leave him home. When dad and I were leaving the Civic Center, we saw a working Guide Dog... that was pretty cool.
Oh, the concert was Dad's 4th surprise... even though he knew about it :)

Friday, March 25
Mom, C, K, Evan, Dave and I all went to Walmart. We had to get supplies for Dad's 5th and final surprise of the "NSW". Dave walked through most of Walmart, but we still hit a spot when he is just. so. tired. he. can't. walk. any. more. :) So he ends up being put in a buggy. People think it's so cute. I think it's nice, we can get shopping in the dreaded wally-world done much faster!
Collin and I went to Publix to pick up a special cake and ice cream for dessert.
Then since Dave was still so worn out from the Walmart trip, during his naptime (yes, my puppy is on a schedule... naptime from about 12-3ish) C, K and I rode our bikes a mile to a friends house to swim, then rode our bikes back... I was completely worn out. Course, by the time we got home, Dave was up and ready to play!
Friday marks the day when Dave went into his crate... ALL BY HIS LITTLE FUZZY SELF to lay down a chew a bone..for the first time! This momma is a happy momma. Has he done it since? No. But he does go in willingly for bed time... he used to turn into a 27 armed octopus... not really, but it sure seemed like it. That didn't last long, thank goodness.
This, and cake and ice cream was dad's final surprise for "NSW".
Saturday, March 26
We worked in the yard almost all day. Mom planted some rosemary and my Amaryllis bulb which seems to have stopped growing at 3 inches tall, and the pool is starting to look like a lush, begging to be swam in, body of cool blue water... instead of a leaf-filled, 3-foot-deep, puddle of green :) 
Dave spent most of the day indoors, playing with whomever was inside taking a lemonade break. Kaitlyn was the one who took the most care of him. Dave didn't even flinch when I turned the lawn mower on... that pup is afraid of nothing!
After the dog/play yard was mowed and cleaned up, we let Sadie and Dave run to their hearts content. Dave was thankful to blow off some steam.
Collin also caught a corn snake...

Sunday, March 27
Sunday (today) was a small repeat of Saturday. Dad and Collin worked on the pool, and I took Dave to the Manatee Viewing Center. WONDERFUL exposure. Wildlife, people, water, docks, open stairs (which Dave was hesitant at first, but did amazing!) different footing (i.e. shells, sand, concrete, decks), the works.
He did great, although he peed in his coat about 2 minutes AFTER I put it back on with zip success of busying when the coat was off. We'll get it. Someday. At least he did good in Walmart the other day!

Now Dave is snoozing and dreaming after a busy outing. What a good boy we have.

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