To Market To Market...

Nope, we aren't buying a fat pig... that what little Dave is :)

If you remember ELLIE SPONSORS invited us up to their house for lunch and a walk through their local market. We had a blast. Ellie did great and we planned on coming back.
The LeVines have been wanting to meet Dave and so this past weekend, we went up to give Dave some market exposure. The Market consists of vendors of all sorts. Hula-hoop vendors, massage sessions, fruit and veggie stands, chocolate truffles, jewelry, custom t-shirts, wind chimes, wood works, paintings, a live band and our favorite the honey stand!!

Since the neighbors bring their own dogs, and since Dave is not done with his vaccinations, we knew we would either have to carry Dave or pull him in a wagon. We had forgotten that our wagon won't fit in our car with all five of us in it! The LeVines were kind enough to search for a wagon, but with no luck. Yes, we each took turns carrying the 20 pound puppy through the market. That was an adventure. The weather was beautiful... couldn't have asked for a better day!

Pretty sure Mr. LeVines was in the middle of saying "Boy you know, this puppy is heavy"
^He's Momma's boy and I love it!^
Our most favorite stand!
Gotta love hippies!! :)
After a couple hours walking around the market (and our arms feeling like jello from holding piggy Dave) we went back to the LeVines for lunch on the porch. Yummy Cubans, cesar salad, fruit salad, cookies and tea were on the menu and it was delish!
Freeport and Dave got along great. Playing with Freeport toys was heaven to Dave! Dave even met Nutmeg the queen of the house :)

Thanks LeVines family for such a relaxing afternoon!

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